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Medical Case Management
Coordinate medical care by communicating with physicians, injured workers, medical specialists, providers and self-insured’s.

Obtain comprehensive and cost-effective medical care to provide the best effect for the injured worker's rehabilitation

Catastrophic Medical Case Management
Provide immediate case management service for catastrophic injuries to ensure that appropriate and accurate medical care with hospitals, trauma or burn centers are utilized.

Comprehensive initial care enables the patient to reach maximum medical improvement as quickly and completely as possible.

Vocational Rehabilitation Planning
File Review
Assessment / Evaluation
Vocational Testing
Guidance & Counseling
Vocational Retraining
Job Development
Job Placement
On Site Job Analysis
ADA Compliance Issues
Long Term Disability Case Management
Early Intervention Computer User Skills Training Program

Limited Assignments
Vocational Testing
Labor Market Surveys
Vocational Assessment
Medical Assessment
On Site Job Analysis
Vocational Expert Testimony
Workers Compensation

Placement Services
Assist the injured worker with job seeking skills including resume writing and interviewing techniques. Vocations consistent with the injured workers abilities and transferable skills are identified. Prospective employers are contacted to initiate job placement. Follow up activities to monitor the individual progress in their new position are conducted. Work sites are evaluated for ergonomic and safety issues. Collaborative relationships with employers are established to help ensure continued employment.

Vocational Testing
Rehabilitation Perspectives performs a variety of vocational testing services. Testing instruments include:

Computer Aptitude Assessment
Computer User Skills Assessment
PC Software Skills
Typing/Keyboarding Test
Clerical Skills Assessment
Customer Service Skills Assessment
Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence
Nonverbal Cognition / Intelligence
Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT III)
Strong Interest Inventory
Career Assessment Inventory - IncludesPrint or Online Version
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Computer Operator Aptitude Battery
Skills Check for Computer Literacy
Computer Literacy Skills Profile
Microcomputer User Aptitude Test
SkillCheck for Computer Literacy
Skills Assessment for IT Certifications
Skills Assessment for A+ Certification
Professional Typing/Keyboarding Assessment
Alphanumeric Data Entry Skills Assessment
Ten Key Skills Assessment